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76 Projects | Micro Piggy On-Bike Storage

Fit & Forget

Our latest and smallest on-bike storage solution is designed for carrying inner tubes, pumps, jackets or other small loads.

  • Bolt on - Directly mounts to frame bosses (standard 64mm spacing with 10mm of adjustment).
    • Ideal for the under top tube bosses seen on recent bikes from Transition, Nukeproof and other brands.
  • Stick On - Uses a flexible base and VHB adhesive to attach to any bike frame.
    • Inspired by our ASS slider and Enduro mounts the stick on version sticks like sh*t to a blanket but can be removed without damaging paintwork.
  • Minimal size only 40mm wide and 22g (plus mounting screws).
  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK