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76 Projects | TT Mount 2.0 - Modular

TT Mount For Computers, Lights, Cameras & CDA Devices

The modular version of our TT mount has a head unit that accepts our modules for lights, cameras, and CDA devices. The computer insert is also replaceable.

STAY AERO. Move Your Computer, Not Your Head

With the unique range of adjustability, the 76 Projects TT Mount allows the rider to maintain an aero position whilst viewing key data from their computer screen. This is the most advanced time trial and triathlon computer mount on the market

We recommend the mount be placed behind the hands whilst in riding position and angling the screen for perfect viewing. This will minimise head movement and therefore drag.

Spacers and extra screws provided to allow fine-tuning. 2x2mm, 2x3mm, 2x5mm, 2x10mm.

  • Standard widths 65mm to 105mm and adjustable taper. Extra spacers available just drop us a message on info@76projects.com 
  • Extra-wide widths 100mm c/c to 140mm. contact us for special requirements info@76projects.com
  • Attaches to bars with rubber-coated velcro straps for easy adjustment.
  • Garmin OR Wahoo as standard. Polar and Lezyne inserts available
  • GoPro modules available. Note - additional spacers may be required to fit Go Pro between the narrowest bar setup.
  • If you have a very narrow set-up and cant turn your device to release we also do a No-Turn Insert that fits the modular mount.