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Gemini | Duo 2200 Multisport

Small. Light. Powerful.

The Duo 2200 Multisport is designed to be your primary go-to light for all headlamp needs. The versatile mounting system allows you to adapt the Duo 2200 to virtually any sport, hence why we call it Multisport.

An optional GoPro Multisport Adapter allows for the Duo 2200 Multisport to attach to GoPro's vast array of mounting options and styles.

Powering the Duo 2200 OLED is a brand new 30Wh 2-Cell Battery achieving 2 hours of runtime at maximum power.

  • 2200 Lumens
  • Built-in Handlebar Mount
  • Helmet Mount and Head Strap
  • Wireless Remote


      Brightness 2200 Lumens
      Battery 30Wh 2-Cell Battery
      Weight 60g Duo Light Head
      190g 2-Cell Battery
      Modes Low / Med / High / Flash
      All programmable to ten brightness levels
      Material Hard Anodized Aluminum
      Safety LED Thermal Protection
      Charging Protection
      Low Battery Warning
      In the Box Duo Light Head
      30Wh 2-Cell Battery
      USB Charger 10W
      USB Charging Cable
      Built-in Handlebar Mount
      Helmet Mount
      Head Strap Mount
      Silicone O-Rings
      Wireless Remote

      RUN TIME

      Level Lumens Run Time
      High 2200 2 hours
      Med 1100 4 hours 30 mins
      Low 220 21 hours