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76 Projects | Piggy Saddle Case

Piggy Saddle Case


A simple and effective combination of the Piggy Zip Case and a custom silicone backed strap allowing it to be strapped directly to a bike frame** or saddle rail.

 Room to accommodate all your ride essentials.

  • Silicone coated cinch strap compresses the case and grips whatever* you mount it to. Eliminating movement and rattles.

  • Large water-resistant zip for easy access.

  • 300d Polyester waterproof fabric with PU coating.

  • Super tough & grippy Hypalon base and top strap.

  • Inner pocket for small items.

  • Weight 65g with strap

  • Capacity 0.45L

  • Dimensions 115x75x60mm.

*Keep It Simple Stupid

**movement may occur when strapping to traditional round frame tubes.

Typical contents:

  • 2x standard road tubes, 1x medium multi-tool 2x tyre levers, 1x CO2 canister inflator, stick on tube patches, or
  • 1x lightweight 29er tube, 1x medium multi-tool, 2x tyre levers (approx 100mm long), 1x CO2 canister inflator, tubeless repair kit.

These are not exact capacities as tubes and tools vary.

Piggy Saddle Case - Compact saddle bag for your ride essential (76projects.com)